The following lesson was taught to a 5th grade social science class the last three weeks of the 99' school year.


Multimedia presentations are a wonderful way to have students research, create and present their work on a variety of topics. Most of the time the student audience is not involved with the presentations except to pay attention and listen. With QuizWorks and Bingo! With Mr. Vern the students took notes during the presentations because they knew they would play those programs after each teams presentation.

Sequence of Events for States of the U.S. reports:

      Introduce the project to the students
      Assign each student a State to research
      --Preprinted form for what kind of info to find
      --Students begin research as homework
      Organize the students into teams by Region of the country (SE, MidAtl, NE, etc.)
      Teacher demonstrates a complete sequence of Capstone Activities for one State
      -- 4 Page Multimedia Presentation, MP Express, on the State
      -- Followed by a 20 Question QuizWorks Quiz, teammates play together
      -- Followed by a Bingo! With Mr. Vern
      Students create an outline/storyboard of their 4 page Multimedia Presentation
      --Students use the results of their research, teammates help each other
      Teacher introduces forms to create seven questions in the QuizWorks format
      --Students complete the forms, teammates help each other
      Teacher introduces forms to create a 25 question Bingo Card
      --Students complete the forms, teammates help each other
      Teacher introduces the MP Express Multimedia Program
      --Students take turns on creating their 4 page presentations
      Teams work to choose their best 20 questions for a QuizWorks on their region
      Teams work to choose their best 50 questions for a Bingo! on their region
      Students enter their questions and Bingo cards
      Students assemble their presentations and practice as teams
      -- 5-6 Multimedia presentations
      -- 20 question QuizWorks over their 5-6 State region
      -- Bingo game with random cards printed out
      Each Team presented their Regional Program to the rest of the class
      -- Presented through one computer and two TV sets
      -- Each of the 5-6 students presented their MP Express Show
      -- Student audience took notes to prepare for the Quiz & Bingo
      -- Some audience teams assigned members to note differenct info ( you note dates, I'll do places, and she'll do people)
      -- Presenting team ran the QuizWorks show
      -- Presenting team distributed Bingo cards and ran the event
      -- Discussion at the end of each Presentation help everyone learn about presentations, listening, manners, teamwork, leadership, responsiblity, ect.


Students encountered the material on US State facts multiple times. Through research, storyboarding , creating MM presentations, creating quizzes, creating Bingo cards, deciding on best questions in their teams, entering quizzes & bingo, practicing in their teams, giving their presentations, playing the QuizWorks & Bingo. With all the variety of activities the students not only learned the important facts about their State but learned and encountered a tremendous amount of information about other States.

Observations, lessons, appreciations from the teacher:

--These students learned and practiced skills in so many areas: research, typing, computer applications, teamwork, public speaking, organization, listening, decision making, self-esteem, leadership, cooperation, responsiblity, as well as Social Studies
-- Facts about the States!

Quotes from the Ms. Joesten (instructor):

"This is my first real experience of "Student Led, Teacher Facilitated" learning, I love it!"

"I learned so much about these students through this experience. I'm going to start the year off next year with this project."

"I believe that this is one of those experiences that these students will remember for the rest of their lives. I know I will."

"With all the hectic activity and simultaneous work we were doing, I had less behavioral problems to deal with than a usual teaching assignment. I believe it has to do with their strong interest in doing a good job on their tasks."

Quotes from Students:

"I'm really glad we did this project, rather that Social Studies."

"I really liked working in our teams, I got to know some people I didn't know very well."

"This is the most awesome computer stuff, QuizWorks and Bingo! are GREAT!"

"I wish the project have lasted longer."


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